62-02132, Boeing build number B-048, was a CH-47A. The U.S. Army acceptance date was 14 February 1964. 62-02132 accumulated 4,484.0 aircraft hours.

   At some point, 62-02132 was assigned to the 147th Assault Support Helicopter Company (ASHC) - "Hillclimbers" in the Republic of Vietnam (RVN) and remained there through approximately April 1967.

   On 12 March 1967, 62-02132 was involved in a freak accident. Inside 62-02132, piloted by CW3 Harold Miller, a fragmentation grenade accidentally exploded after leaving the pickup zone (PZ) with a 105mm sling load and a gun crew of eight internal. After the explosion, they returned to the PZ and found the aircraft still flyable but 6 soldiers wounded and one dead. Crewmember PFC William Campbell was wounded. His flak vest saved his life. The crewmembers saved 3 of the 6 soldiers by using cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid. Both crewmembers received the Distinguished Flying Cross and Boeing Vertol Rescue Award.

   In May 1967, 62-02132 was transferred to the New Cumberland Army Depot (NCAD), 1st Army, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for maintenance.

   In January 1968, 62-02132 was transferred to the 177th ASHC, 3rd Army, Fort Benning, Georgia.

   In August 1968, 62-02132 was transferred to the U. S. Army Aviation School at Fort Rucker, Alabama.

   In February 1973, 62-02132 was transferred to Boeing Vertol for maintenance.

   In March 1973, 62-02132 was on loan to the Aviation Systems Command (AVSCOM) in support of a Langley Research Center NASA project.

   In September 1973, 62-02132 was transferred to the National Guard (WQRSAA), where it remained at least until December 1975.

   On 23 March 1987, 62-02132 was inducted into the D model program and converted to 87-00084.

   The last known location of 62-02132 was at Boeing during the conversion.

   Aircraft Status: Converted to D model.



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