One of the Three D model Prototypes


             65-08008, Boeing build number B-180, was a CH-47A helicopter. The U.S. Army acceptance date was 13 April 1966. 65-08008 accumulated 3,504.2 aircraft hours.

   At some point, 65-08008 was assigned to the 243rd Assault Support Helicopter Company (ASHC) - "Freight Trains" at Dong Ba Thin in the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) through an unknown end date.

   In 1976, 65-08008, along with B model 67-18479 and C model 67-18538, was selected as a D model prototype airframe and assigned the serial (tail) number of 76-08008.

   This aircraft, and subsequent D model aircraft, eventually sported the Lycoming T55-L-712 engine, capable of producing a minimum of 4,500 shaft horsepower (SHP), fiberglass rotor blades, a redesigned cockpit, as well as numerous other changes .

   The slogan - "Only The Silhouette Remains The Same" was coined to describe the D model aircraft verses it's predecessors.

   76-08008 accumulated 288.0 hours as a D model prototype.

   The first flight of 76-08008 occurred on 11 May 1979 and Boeing Vertol Test Pilot Ron Mechlin was at the controls.

   On 21 October 1992, 76-08008 was again inducted into the D model program for upgrades, and converted to 92-00304.

   The last known location of 65-08008 was at Boeing during the conversion.

   Aircraft status: Converted to D model.



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          SP5 Royal H. Bennett, Door Gunner / Crew Chief, 1968 - 1969


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