66-19068, Boeing build number B-326, was a CH-47A helicopter. The U.S. Army acceptance date was 16 March 1967. The administrative strike date was 1 June 1972 or 23 March 1975. 66-19068 accumulated at least 2,744.0 aircraft hours.

   At some point, 66-19068 was assigned to the 247th Helicopter Squadron, Vietnamese Air Force (VNAF), in the Republic of Vietnam (RVN), and remained there until it was lost due to North Vietnamese or Vietcong (VC) action at Da Nang and/or Phu Cat.

   The last known location of 66-19068 was in the Republic of Vietnam.

   Aircraft status: Destroyed.



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          The CH-47 - 40 years old and still circling the world.


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