For Sale



A 1988 advertisement placed in the Flight International magazine.

             This advertisement placed in the magazine Flight International shows three 234LR (Long Range) Chinook helicopters for sale. Click-N-Go Here to view a larger image. It is unknown what became of the airframes.



             The following is a listing of airframes that survived the U.S. Army's demilitarization (demil) process and were sold to private individuals or companies, or to foreign governments through the GSA Auction system or direct foreign military sales (FMS).



88-00097 88-00108 88-00109 89-00138 89-00168
89-00169 90-00184 90-00185 91-00235 91-00237
91-00238 91-00262 91-00268 91-00270 92-00290
92-00299 92-00302 92-00307 93-00932  



          The CH-47 - 40 years old and still circling the world.


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