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Canadian Chinook 147005.

          Canadian CH-147 (CH-47C) Chinook helicopter 147005.



             Introducing our video collection of the Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter performing various flying maneuvers. These will give one a brief glimpse of these fabulous flying machines for those who have never enjoyed the experience. Some videos have sound. All are known to play using Microsoft's Windows Media Player or other similar and suitable product.

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             Did you know? Singer/Songwriter/Movie Star Kris Kristofferson was a helicopter Pilot in the Army way back when. He wrote a song about his early days in Army Aviation. Click-N-Go Here to listen to a Windows Media Player Audio file [2.6 Mb.].



          Be ALERT, the world needs more lerts.   WANTED: Video of the Chinook helicopter landing in snow, dust or in the water to add to our collection (but we'll take anything we can get).

   If you have a VHS video, but lack the computer and program to convert it to a high quality digital file, please send it in to us and we will process it for you.

   Please don't send a copy of a copy as the quality rapidly degrades every time an analog copy of a tape is made and it isn't worth the effort to process the images.



          "T-39 Crash Test" View the CH-47C Chinook helicopter T-39 Crash Test video conducted at the NASA Langley Research Center in 1975. (18.7 Mb)



          "Flippers" View CH-47F Chinook helicopters flying over Afghanistan while assigned to B Company - "Flippers" 2nd General Support Aviation Battalion, 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. (78 Mb)



          04-08717 View CH-47F Chinook helicopter 04-08717 inflight conducting resupply operations in Afghanistan while assigned to B Company - "Pachyderms" 6th General Support Aviation Battalion, 101st Combat Aviation Brigade, 101st Airborne Division. (113 Mb)



          Guns-A-Go-Go A 1967 film titled "Research and Development Progress Report Number Ten" showing the air transportability of the CH-47 Chinook via a C-133B "Cargomaster" from New Cumberland Army Depot (NCAD) via Olmstead Air Force Base. Includes scenes of Guns-A-Go-Go aircraft in flight. (229 Mb)



          Montana A 21 August 2009 B-roll of an Army National Guard CH-47D Chinook helicopter from Helena, Montana, assisting with Air Force construction in order to move material to be used for a communications site. Scenes include the CH-47 lowering it's cables to pick up a trailer and communications equipment, delivering it to it's nearby destination and then landing as well as scenes from the airmen inside the helicopter. See if you can spot the drag Chute used to stabilize the load. (310 Mb)



          08-08042 CH-47F Chinook helicopter 08-08042 under transport via a Russian made MI-26 "Halo" helicopter to Kandahar Airbase, Afghanistan.
(Multiple Files.)



          Lock-N-Load History Channel - Lock-N-Load with R. Lee Ermey.
(38 Mb.)



          07-08732 CH-47F Chinook helicopter 07-07832 operating at Wheeler-sack Army Airfield, Fort Drum, New York, 2010.
(Multiple Files.)


          Life in Vietnam Chinooks in Vietnam - 1968.
(3.2 Gb. - Yep Gigabytes!)


          Sling Load Hook Up A Tandem Load Hook Up.
(17.3 Mb.)


          90-00220 The last flight of Chinook Helicopter 90-00220.
(61.5 Mb.)


          HC-1B An early HC-1B promo film.
(4.5 Mb.)


          Intro to the Chinook A 2005 introduction to the Chinook helicopter
(332.3 Mb.)


          Intro to the Chinook A 1964 introduction to the Chinook helicopter
(27.2 Mb.)


          Water Landing 70-15030 landing in the Rhein River.
(13.5 Mb.)


          Finthen Army Airfield Finthen, near Mainz, West Germany.
(54.3 Mb.)


          The Campbell Slide 90-00189 in Alaska.
(1.3 Mb.)


          A Columbia Helicopter Putting water on a forest fire.
(3.9 Mb.)


          The Tandem Load CH-47Ds carrying five ton vehicles.
(3.3 Mb.)


          A Formation Take-off Several CH-47Ds taking off together.
(3.7 Mb.)


          A Big Bag of Gas A CH-47D transporting fuel blivets
(3.4 Mb.)


          Fun in Iraq Australian Chinooks in Iraq
(17.3 Mb.)


          Getting It Up Australian Chinooks
(4.2 Mb.)


          RC Chinook Remote Controlled Chinook
(10.9 Mb.)


          Eating Sand A Dust Landing
(767 Kb.)


          Brownout From the Cockpit - a Dusty Landing
(1.5 Mb.)


          Filthy Bird A Really Dusty Landing
(10.2 Mb.)


          Snow Landing Dutch Chinook in snow
(5.3 Mb.)


          CH-47 Simulator Simulator video from Germany.
(4.1 Mb.)


          CH-47 Slinging a Huey CH-47 Slinging a Huey in New Orleans.
(1.8 Mb.)


          Transmission Gear Challenges A dated CBS News Report on Transmission Gears.
(63 Mb.)


          NVG Chinook A video showing the CH-47 helicopter in the light of Night Vision Goggles.
(6.6 Mb.)


          RAF Airshow A video showing an RAF Chinook performing airshow manuevers.
(10.3 Mb.)


          Dust Landings A video showing USA Chinooks practicing roll-on landings at LSA Anaconda, Iraq.
(3.7 Mb.)


          UH-60 Sling-load A video showing USA Chinooks sling-loading a UH-60 Blackhawk at LSA Anaconda, Iraq. Footage taken from a AH-64 Apache FLIR camera.
(1.6 Mb.)


          Chinook under FLIR 1 A video showing USA Chinooks conducting landings in Iraq while be watched by an Apache using FLIR.
(19.7 Mb.)


          Chinook under FLIR 2 A video showing USA Chinooks conducting landings in Iraq while be watched by an Apache using FLIR.
(6.1 Mb.)


          Pachyderm Chinooks
in Afghanistan
A video showing Pachyderm Chinooks operating at Kandahar Air Base, Afghanistan. Produced in December 2008.
(77.1 Mb.)


          CH-47D Chinooks
in Pakistan
A video showing CH-47D Chinooks in Pakistan during earthquake relief operations.
(42.4 Mb.)


          CH-47D Chinooks
at Kandahar, Afghanistan
A video showing CH-47D Chinooks operating at Kandahar, Afghanistan.
(52.5 Mb.)



          Ground Resonance



             One of the disadvantages of a fully articulated rotor system, such as that found on the CH-47 Chinook helicopter, is the susceptibility to ground resonance. Items to consider in limiting the chances of encountering ground resonance include ensuring that all tires are inflated to 88 psi and all landing gear struts and blade dampeners are properly serviced. The two videos below show the result of a Chinook helicopter falling victim to ground resonance. The tail number was 84-24156, and was the one that previously encountered uncommanded flight control inputs which resulted in the aircraft performing a barrel roll. After the roll incident, the aircraft was assigned to Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland, and was utilized as a ground test device. TAKE NOTE: The destruction of the airframe by ground resonance was not the intention of this test regardless of the claims made by those websites who have lifted the video from this URL.


          Ground Resonance Side View (11.5 Mb.)
          Ground Resonance Rear View (13.2 Mb.)



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