Disposition of the MH-47D Helicopters

          In service to the United States Army


             As of December 2002, we had generally a good idea what became of most of the 12 MH-D model Chinooks manufactured for the U.S. Army. Many of the details surrounding the demise of the known lost aircraft has remained a mystery.


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          Airframe Losses



          --- Crashed in the Panama ---


             On 12 June 1990, one airframe was lost when it encountered brown out conditions during night vision goggle (NVG) flight:





          --- In Flyable Service ---



             11 MH-47D model Chinook helicopters were in service as of November 2002:


82-23763 83-24118 85-24342 85-24360 85-24361
85-24367 86-01635 89-00131 89-00146 89-00160



          The CH-47 - 40 years old and still circling the world.


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