61-02425, Boeing build number B-029, was a HC-1B helicopter. The U.S. Army acceptance date was 31 July 1963. The administrative strike date was 15 April 1969. 61-02425 accumulated 1,609.0 aircraft hours.

   61-02425 was the last aircraft on contract AF33(600)42055 (Fiscal Year 1961) to be designated as a HC-1B helicopter. AF33(600)42055 was the second production contract awarded to Boeing for the production of an additional 18 HC-1B helicopters. Subsequent helicopters were contracted as CH-47A helicopters.

   In July 1962, the Department of Defense redesignated all U. S. military aircraft to a new system. All HC-1B helicopters became CH-47A.

   On 15 April 1969, while assigned to the U.S. Army Aviation School, Fort Rucker, Alabama, 61-02425 was lost due to an accident. At 1609 hours, 61-02425 was on takeoff when, at about 200 feet AGL, the aft blades went to full pitch. The caused the aft pylon to climb, flipping the aircraft over to an inverted position. 61-02425 crashed and all personnel on board were fatalities, including the unit Standardization Instructor Pilot, CWO Owens. The names of the other personnel are unknown. Prior to the accident, 61-02425 had been grounded repeatedly for excessive leakage and control stiffness in aft pitch change servo while in flight.

   As of 15 April 1969, the last known location of 61-02425 was Fort Rucker, Alabama.

   Aircraft status: Crashed.



61-02425 pictured in a Public Relations (PR) calender poster.

             An old poster depicting Chinook 61-02425 serving with the 228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion, then at Fort Benning, Georgia.



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