64-13107, Boeing build number B-079, was a CH-47A helicopter. The U.S. Army acceptance date was 28 December 1964. The administrative strike date was 21 September 1967. 64-13107 accumulated 1,148.0 aircraft hours.

   64-13107 was lost due to enemy action in the Republic of Vietnam (RVN) while conducting a mission in support of a brigade element of the 1st Air Cav which had been deployed to the Phan Thiet area temporarily. While assigned to A Company - "Wildcats", 228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion (ASHB), 64-13107 was struck by small arms fire in the crossfeed fuel valve and caught fire in flight. The entire crew received Purple Hearts for burns sustained in the incident.

   The last known location of 64-13107 was in the Republic of Vietnam.

   Aircraft status: Shot down in combat.



             Wade O. Kane (Crew chief, A Company, 228th ASHB, 1st Air Cavalry, June 67 to June 68) writes: "64-13107, it caught fire in the air - some pilot in another Hook took an 8mm movie of it going down. The draft in a Hook is aft to forward, and as flames filled the cabin, the gunner, Crew chief (CE) and Flight Engineer (FE) put down the front step, and rode down out on the step. Either the FE or the CE was Curtis Parks, who got an air medal for the flight, and an article 15 because he hadn't worn his gloves and burned his hands getting the 60s out of the burning wreck. The crew said they almost got hit by the pilots door when he jettisoned it. Mr. Manuel was Pilot in Command (PIC), and got burns on his face when he looked back into the cabin when they landed. He sure was relieved when he got out and the crew was alive and well. The aft pylon melted off about 30 seconds after it hit. They had a 105mm sling load, and it would not punch off, so they landed on the howitzer. All this is from talking to the crew afterwards. This was down near Phan Thiet, where the Cav had a small operation. I never did understand the deal about that, as it wasn't near the Cav Area of Operations (AO) at all."



          This aircraft was piloted by:


          CW3 Jerry Manuel, AC, 1967.


          WO1 Garry L. Daniel, PI, 1967.


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          This aircraft was crewed by:


          SP4 Kenneth D. Crews, FE, 1967.


          UNK Tony Fraiser, CE, 1967.


          UNK Curtis Parks, DG, 1967.


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