This photograph, taken through the right chin bubble window in the cockpit, gives an aerial view of 66-19110 moments after the crash. The aft pylon is beginning to burn as the crew and passengers evacuate the helicopter.



             66-19110, Boeing build number B-368, was a CH-47B helicopter. The U.S. Army acceptance date was 15 June 1967. The administrative strike date was 19 August 1980. 66-19110 accumulated 5,064.0 aircraft hours. At some point after manufacture, 66-19110 was assigned to an unknown unit. At some point, 66-19110 was assigned to the 352nd Aviation Detachment, 210th Aviation Battalion, 193rd Infantry, Forces Command (FORSCOM), located at Fort Clayton, Panama. On 19 August 1980, 66-19110 was lost due to an accident. As the aircraft approached a mountain pass during a period of low ceilings, the pilot elected to perform a 180° in order to return to the base camp. The Rotor RPM deteriorated and the aircraft impacted he ground momentarily. Rotor RPM and aircraft airspeed then increased to a flyable degree. The pilot turned the aircraft downslope. The aircraft was now in a 20 to 30 knot tail wind condition. As the pilot's demand for power from the engines now exceeded the available power the aft rotor system developed "settling with power" which resulted in an extreme nose up attitude that approached 90 degrees. The aircraft settled rearward into very tall trees, rolled over onto its right side, and the aft pylon began to burn. The crew and passengers evacuated the aircraft with only minor injuries. The airframe was then consumed by the post-crash fire. The last known location of 66-19110 was in the South American country of Columbia. Aircraft status: Crashed.



             The following is an article from the Southern Command News:




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             Knowing your aircraft, and making sure your passengers are aware of the egress procedures can make the difference in life or death during the crash of a Chinook helicopter.


             SP4 Lester (SKIP) Hunt, the last Crew Chief on 66-19110, writes:

   "The ramp was up do to very chilly weather in Colombia, laying on the right side the door exit was blocked. And the left side exits were inaccesible due to the width of the Chinook. The only egress available was through the hook hatch. The hook and beam assembly departed the aircraft at some point. The aircraft was evacuated with only slight burn injuries, bumps, and brusies. After getting all the PAX off, I exited through the cockpit eyebrow window cutting my left front thigh on the way out. I was only a few feet away when the fuel cells were finally compromised and the aircraft erupted into a fire ball."



          This aircraft was piloted by:


          CW4 Hugh Lammons, PC, 1980.


          CPT W. Hayes, PI, 1980.


          Your Name Here.



          This aircraft was crewed by:


          SP4 Glenn Mayer, CE, 1968.


          SSG Frankie Ramos, FE, 1980.


          SP4 Lester (SKIP) Hunt, CE, 1980.


          Your Name Here.



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