82-23764, Boeing D model kit number M3015, was a CH-47D helicopter. The U.S. Army acceptance date was 29 June 1983. The administrative strike date was 24 July 1990. As of 24 July 1990, 82-23764 had accumulated 796.0 D model hours and 4,619.0 total aircraft hours.

   82-23764 was a conversion from the original A model Chinook 65-08011.

   On 19 November 1981, 82-23764 was inducted into the D model program, converted, and initially assigned to Fort Campbell and remained there until it was lost due to an accident.

   As of 24 July 1990, the last known location of 82-23764 was near Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

   Aircraft status: Crashed.



CH-47D helicopter 82-23764 crash at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

             On 24 July 1990, in the vicinity of Fort Campbell, during a night vision goggle (NVG) approach to a field site with a sling load, the pilot heard a loud noise. The aircraft pitched nose down and the instructor pilot took the controls. He jettisoned the load as the aircraft impacted the ground. The aircraft came to rest inverted. Fatal injuries were sustained by the pilot, crew chief, and flight engineer instructor. The copilot and the flight engineer had minor injuries. The aircraft caught fire during the crash sequence and was totally consumed by the fire. All crew members were evacuated to Blanchfield Army Community Hospital via MEDEVAC helicopter.



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