86-01681, Boeing D model kit number M3186, was a CH-47D helicopter. The U.S. Army acceptance date was 29 October 1987. As of 24 April 1995, 86-01681 had accumulated at least 1,033.5 D model hours and 2,001.1 total aircraft hours.

   86-01681 was a conversion from the original A model Chinook 65-08012.

   On 5 November 1986, 86-01681 was inducted into the D model program, converted, and initially scheduled for assignment to B Company, 2nd Battalion, 158th Aviation Regiment, 6th Calvary Brigade, 3rd Corps, Forces Command (FORSCOM), located at Fort Hood, Texas, and remained there until it was lost due to an accident.

   On 24 April 1996, 86-01681 was lost during a maintenance test flight (MTF) at the completion of Phase 2 maintenance.

   During the Phase, the bushing for the mount bolt that connected the lower drive arm to the aft swashplate was not installed. This caused in-flight failure of the mount bolt resulting in the drive arm assembly separating from the swashplate. The loss of swashplate control caused the aft main rotor blades to contact the fuselage and initiated an in-flight breakup.

   The aircraft was totally destroyed and the five crew members were fatally injured.

   As of 24 April 1995, the last known location of 86-01681 was at Fort Hood, Texas.

   Aircraft status: Crashed.



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The slip-fit bushing in the swashplate rotating ring.

The slip-fit bushing in the swashplate rotating ring.



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