90-00220, Boeing D model kit number M3372, was a CH-47D helicopter. The U.S. Army acceptance date was 30 July 1991. The administrative strike date was 23 September 1994. As of 23 September 1994, 90-00220 had accumulated 630.0 D model hours and 4,007.0 total aircraft hours. 90-00220 was a conversion from the original C model Chinook 68-15858. On 10 October 1990, 90-00220 was inducted into the D model program, converted, and initially assigned to the Washington Army Reserve (WAR). 90-00220 remained assigned to the WAR until it was lost in an accident on 23 September 1994. As of 23 September 1994, the last known location of 90-00220 was near McCall, Idaho. Aircraft status: Crashed.



Boeing CH-47D Chinook helicopter 90-00220, A crash near McCall, Idaho.

             On 23 September 1994, 90-00220 was lost in an accident 35 Miles east of McCall, Idaho. While attempting to land on an 11 degree upslope along a ridge line, the aircraft slid down slope and the forward rotor blades struck the ground. The cabin sustained multiple blade strikes, severing the drive train and the flight control tubes. The aft portion of the aircraft rotated over the nose, and the aircraft came to rest on its right side. The aircraft was totally destroyed. One crewmember was fatally injured and three crewmembers suffered minor injuries.



             View a video outlining the details of the last flight of 90-00220. Click-N-Go Here. Windows Media file, 61 Mb, 10 minutes, high quality.



             Read about Jack Finley receiving an Award of Valor for his actions immediately following the crash of Chinook 90-00220. Click-N-Go Here to view the .pdf file..



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