Pegasus' Roost



          The Party's Inside the Hangar


          " Come on in, kick off your funky 'ol boots and grab a cold one...

                         ...Now let's go beat a dead horse. "



          Everybody needs a home and this is ours.



Working hard - day in and day out...

          Inside looking Northwest - April 1998.



             Looking south out the window from Production Control, one can see the ramp, VOR antenna and part of the runway. A cool breeze through the fire escape door is just about all it takes to get the air conditioning going.



          To the North is the Pool Area




             In the above photograph, one can see the the Company swimming pool and recreation area. Stepping out onto the veranda to the north from the indoor common activity center, one can find a cool place to relax and get away from all the difficulties encountered throughout the day. The Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) operates a small concession stand, in the building just beyond the pool on the left side of the picture, providing limited refreshments at a moderate price. Morale and Welfare personnel provide such services as towels, basketballs, and other athletic related items. This shot is from door of CW4 Morgan's private quarters.



             Below is the reverse view of the above photograph. Looking generally southwest back towards the indoor common areas. The Company administrative and section areas are in the newer portion of the facility under the blue roof on the second and third floors. The first floor contains the old Dining Facility (a.k.a. the Mess Hall), now converted into an all ranks club. Officer quarters are near the center of the photograph. Enlisted personnel occupy the three floors of the white apartment building adjoining the officers quarters.






             Conditions in the Hangar and Barracks can be somewhat austere at times. As the facilities were constructed in the early 1990's in a near desert environment, one has to put up with hot dry heat, followed by hot humid heat from time to time. Since the area is generally classified as desert, grass usually will not grow to any great extent in and around the buildings. As a result, you can often find a little sand mixed in with your Margarita when the wind blows. Below is a view of the inside of the Main Living Area. Looking towards the back from the Barber Shop, is the Hot Tub, Spa, and Indoor Pool.



Inside the Main Living Area.



          The Chow Hall



The Chow Hall - A great place for Hookers to eat out.



             Tired of the same old food and long lines? Come sit and relax at the Chinook Restaurant - Where Hookers go to eat out. One of the best Dining Facilities (DFAC) in the world, this restaurant caters to the soldiers who support the world's finest medium lift flying machine. It is located just to the south of the Barracks along to bike path to the flight line.



          The CH-47 - 40 years old and still circling the world.


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