Boeing Chinook 60-03450 at Fort Rucker, Alabama, in the Spring of 1964.

             60-03450 at Fort Rucker, Alabama, in the Spring of 1964. Click-N-Go Here to view a larger image.



             60-03450 (originally 60-3450), Boeing Build number B-009, was a HC-1B helicopter. The U.S. Army acceptance date was 29 June 1962. The administrative strike date was 19 March 1965. 60-03450 accumulated 784.0 aircraft hours.

   60-03450 was one of the first production configured aircraft, manufactured as a result of expansion of contract AF33(600)39452 to include an additional five HC-1B production aircraft (60-03448, 60-03449, 60-03450, 60-03451, 60-03452).

   After production, 60-03450 was bailed to the U.S. Army for Phase E testing. Following completion of these tests, 60-03450 was reallocated for service use and assigned to an unknown unit.

   In July 1962, the Department of Defense redesignated all U.S. military aircraft to a new system. All HC-1B helicopters became CH-47A. 60-03450 received the designation as a JCH-47A, where the J stood for Joint, as a result of U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army cooperation in developing the aircraft.

   On 16 August 1962, the U.S. Army Aviation Board, at Fort Rucker, accepted delivery of its first CH-47A - 60-03450. This aircraft sported minor upgrades and improved engines. The Lycoming T55-L-7 engine boasted 2,650 shaft horsepower.

   60-03450 was assigned to the US Army Aviation Test Board at Cairns Army Airfield (AAF), Fort Rucker, Alabama where it remained until it crashed as a result of mechanical failure, near Hartford, Alabama, on 19 March 1965. The remains of the aircraft were recovered and "laid out" in either Hanger 103 or 104 at Cairns AAF. It was determined that the aft yellow blade failed in the blade spar transition area. The aircraft had been loaded to the maximum gross weight of 28,550 pounds using lead weights. Soon after this accident an internal water ballast tank was developed with the capability to "dump" the water in the case of an emergency. Three people were killed in the crash. Two pilots and a crew chief. It is believed one pilot was a Canadian officer: Lt. John William Shaw, Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, ZB8533, temporarily posted to exchange duty with the United States Army Aviation Test Board (USAAVNTBD).

   As of 19 March 1965, the last known location of 60-03450 was at Fort Rucker, Alabama.

   Aircraft status: Crashed.



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