60-03452 (originally 60-3452), Boeing build number B-011, was a HC-1B helicopter. The U.S. Army acceptance date was 14 December 1962. The administrative strike date was 25 May 1972. 60-03452 accumulated 373.0 aircraft hours.

   60-03452 was one of the first production configured aircraft, manufactured as a result of expansion of contract AF33(600)39452 to include an additional five HC-1B production aircraft (60-03448, 60-03449, 60-03450, 60-03451, 60-03452).

   After production, 60-03452 was bailed to the U.S. Army for Phase E testing. Following completion of those tests, 60-03452 was reallocated for service use and assigned to an unknown unit.

   In July 1962, the Department of Defense redesignated all U.S. military aircraft to a new system. All HC-1B helicopters became CH-47A. 60-03452 received the designation as a JCH-47A, where the J stood for Joint, as a result of U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army cooperation in developing the aircraft.

   At some point, 60-03452 was assigned to Fort Eustis, Virginia, where it was utilized as a training device in the 67U maintenance course.

   As of 25 May 1972, the last known location of 60-03452 was at Fort Eustis.

   Aircraft status: Unknown.



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